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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Acat-loc2024-l [no description available]
Ags-rhic-users-l RHIC and AGS Users
Agscontacts-l AGS Contacts
Aiml-wg-l [no description available]
Air-quality-l [no description available]
AnDY-bnl-l Mailing list for the AnDY Experiment at RHIC
Apaa-l Asian Pacific American Association (BERA)
Astro-bnl-l BNL Astrophysics and Cosmology Group
Astro-l [no description available]
Atf-info-l [no description available]
Atf_pac-l ATF Program Advisory Committee mailing list.
Atlas-bnl-l U.S. ATLAS BNL Personnel
Badminton-l BNL BERA Badminton Club
Bbc-members-l Weight lifting and exercise club
Bera-iaa-internal-l BERA-IAA (Indo American Association) mailing list for BNL onsite employess and users
Beracontacts-l [no description available]
Bicycling-l Anything related to bicycling at BNL
Biker-l BNL Motorcycle Club
Biominerals-L Discussion of research in biomineralization
Bionsls2-l [no description available]
bnl-announce-l BNL Announcements List
Bnl-eg-asap-l All Employee and Guest Students & Post Docs at BNL
Bnl-eg30-asap-l Students & Post Doc Employees plus Guest with 15 Day Gate Scan
Bnl-eicprojdet-l [no description available]
Bnl-gaseous-detectors-rnd-l Gaseous detector R&D list
Bnl-git-lab-users-l [no description available]
Bnl-Makers-l BNL Makers Club
BNL-MusicClub-L BNL Music Club
Bnl-postdocs-l [no description available]
Bnl-rhic-netp RHIC network provisioning discussions
Bnl-shared-tier3-l BNL Tier 3 Computing Facility Users
Bnl_attendees-l [no description available]
Bnlarc-class-l BNLARC Technician Class List
Bnlarc-general-class-l BNL Amateur Radio Club General License Class
Bnlarc-l BNL BERA Amateur Radio Club
Bnlarc-skywarn [no description available]
Bnlitdlibraryusers-l Users of .NET Libraries written by ITD
Brahms-l Brahms Collaboration
Bwis-l Brookhaven Women in Science
C2QA-communications-l [no description available]
Cfn-clean-room-l Information for CFN Clean room
Cfn-newsletter-l [no description available]
Chemistry-division-l [no description available]
Chinese-l BNL Chinese mailing list
cmtcluster-users-l Condensed matter theory cluster user broadcast
Con-ed-attendees-l [no description available]
Con-ed-presenters-l [no description available]
Conedison_attendees-l [no description available]
Corpes22-l [no description available]
Cosmo-group-l BNL cosmology group
Csac-l Cyber Security Advisory Council
csiqcg-l [no description available]
Csisummerstudents-l [no description available]
Cssa-soccer-l CSSA soccer
Cyclotrons [no description available]
Dayabay-bnl-l Daya Bay Collaborators at BNL.
Dayabay-racf Daya Bay users of RACF
Dc-hi-town-meeting-l [no description available]
Dcde-pilot-l the public dcde pilot list
Delegations_of_authority-l Delegations of Authority
Di2014-l [no description available]
Dichroic-detectors-l List for scientific discussion of dichroic filters
Dichroic-sbir-l Organization for dichroic filter SBIR
Dotnetusers-l BNL .NET Developers
Dune [no description available]
Dune-fd-us-crp-l List for DUNE US CRP activities
E-rhic-ir-l [no description available]
E949-general-l E949 Collaboration General Discussion
Ecce-eic-public-l ECCE Public Announcements
Edg-employees-l Electronic Detector Group Employees.
Edg-visitors-l Electronic Detector Group Visitors.
Edm-l Electric Dipole Moment (Deuteron EDM) Collaboration and friends
Eic-bnl-comp-l EIC/BNL Computing discussion
Eic-bnl-soft-l software issues for EIC
Eic-comp-l EIC computing joint activities
Eic-det-elec-daq-l [no description available]
Eic-det2-conveners-l [no description available]
Eic-det2-l [no description available]
EIC-dsg-l [no description available]
Eic-epol-hpol-l [no description available]
Eic-interns-l [no description available]
Eic-mpgd-generic-rd-l [no description available]
Eic-nas-prep-l [no description available]
Eic-projdet-background-l [EIC-ePIC-Background-WG]
Eic-projdet-bsmew-l [EPIC-BSM-EW-WG]
Eic-projdet-calo-l [EPIC-Calo-WG]
Eic-projdet-calo-pemcal-l EIC Project h-endcap EMCal
Eic-projdet-collab-l [EPIC-Collaboration]
Eic-projdet-compsw-l [ePIC Software & Computing]
Eic-projdet-conveners-l [EPIC-Conveners]
Eic-projdet-cpid-l [EPIC-CerPID-WG]
Eic-projdet-daq-l [EPIC-DAQ-WG]
Eic-projdet-drich-l ePIC dRICH mailing list
Eic-projdet-earlycareer-l [EPIC-Early Career]
Eic-projdet-erd107-l EIC Project eRD107 Hadronic Calorimetry Consortium
Eic-projdet-excldiff-l [EPIC-ExclDiff-WG]
Eic-projdet-farback-l [EPIC-FarBack-WG]
Eic-projdet-farforw-l [EPIC-FarForward-WG]
Eic-projdet-globalint-l [EPIC-GlobalInt-WG]
Eic-projdet-hpdirc-l hpDIRC DSC mailing list
Eic-projdet-inclusive-l [EPIC-Inclusive-WG]
Eic-projdet-jethf-l [EPIC-JetHF-WG]
Eic-projdet-pfrich-electronics-l ePIC pfRICH electronics mailing list
Eic-projdet-pfrich-l ePIC pfRICH mailing list
Eic-projdet-pfrich-mechanical-design-l ePIC pfRICH mechanical design mailing list
Eic-projdet-pfrich-software-l ePIC pfRICH software mailing list
Eic-projdet-pid-l The ePIC PID detector list
Eic-projdet-pwg-conveners-l [no description available]
Eic-projdet-sc-l [EPIC-SteeringGroup]
Eic-projdet-semiincl-l [EPIC-SemiIncl-WG]
Eic-projdet-simqa-l [EPIC SimQA WG]
Eic-projdet-tic-l [no description available]
Eic-projdet-tofpid-l [EPIC-ToFPID-WG]
Eic-projdet-tracking-l [EPIC-Tracking-WG]
Eic-projdet-trk-recon-l [EPIC-TrkRecon]
Eic-rd-calorimeter-l Mailing list for the EIC/eRHIC calorimeter R&D consortium
Eic-rd-silicon-l Mailing list for the EIC silicon R&D consortium
Eic-rd-tracking-l Mailing list of the EIC/eRHIC tracking R&D consortium
Eic-software-l [no description available]
Eicug-bnl Mailing list of the BNL-stationed members of the EIC User Group
Eicug-users-l EIC Users Group
Endf Evaluated Nuclear (reaction) Data File Discussion Group
Epic-backward-hcal-l [no description available]
Epic-bemcal-l [no description available]
Epic-cc-membership-committee-l [no description available]
Epic-sc-faq-l [no description available]
Epic-svt-l Mailing list for the ePIC SVT DSC
Epic-svt-uk-l UK regional ePIC SVT discussion list
Epic-talks-l [no description available]
Epic-website-l [no description available]
EVusers-l BNL Employee Electric Vehicle Charging Program users group
Gaudi-talk Community support for and discussion about Gaudi and related software for users and developers.
Golf-l BERA Golf Association
Grid-data-management-l Discuss Data Management Issues for Grid
Gunclub-l BERA Gun Club general mailing list
Harbor-l Information related to NY-NJ Harbor Dredged Material Decontamination
Henp-net-l HENP Networking Working Group
Hetheory-l [no description available]
Hft-tc-l STAR HFT Technical Committee
Hispanic-l Hispanic Heritage mailing list
Hmstk-lb-calib Water Cherenkov Calibration List
Hmstk-lb-civil LBNE water Cherenkov civil integration
Hmstk-lb-esh Environment Safety and Health for LBNE water Cherenkov detector
Hmstk-lb-integration [no description available]
Hmstk-lb-liner [no description available]
Hmstk-lb-pmt LBNE water cherenkov PMT group.
Hmstk-lb-software DUSEL Physics Software Mailing List
Hmstk-lb-tb [no description available]
Hmstk-lb-water Homestake DUSEL/LBNE Water Cherenkov Detector Sub-project
Hmstk-lb-watersystem [no description available]
Hmstk-wc-computing LBNE/WCD Computing
Hmstk-wc-reconstruction [no description available]
Hmstk-wc-simulation Discussion of simulations of Water Cerenkov detectors at Homestake
Hmstk-wcd-mgt LBNE Water Cherenkov Detector Project and DUSEL S4 management discussion.
Hockey-l BNL community hockey club
Hoops-fun-l [no description available]
Hoops-l BNL basketball list
Hot-qcd-whitepaper-l List for the 2014 Hot QCD White Paper Writing Group
hpc1-users-l [no description available]
Hrppd-l HRPPD community mailing list
Ibmq-proposals-l [no description available]
Icalepcs2019-iec [no description available]
Icalepcs2019-isac [no description available]
Irmo-l [no description available]
Ispo-l [no description available]
Itd-test-l Test List for ITD Unix Services
itpc-l STAR Inner TPC Upgrade
Ixs-2019-l [no description available]
Lappd-l LAPPD research mailing list
Lbne-bnl-l LBNE BNL Group
Lhc-far-fwrd-flare-l FLArE working group
Lhc-far-fwrd-neutrinos-l Neutrino Flux from the LHC
Lhc-far-fwrd-physics-l Far Forward Physics for the LHC
Linux-working-group-l Linux Security Working Group
Live-events-l [no description available]
Lsst-bnl-l Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Lusee-night-brass-l [no description available]
Lusee-night-l [no description available]
Macusers-l BNL Macintosh Users
Mariachi-admin-l MARIACHI experiment administrative mailing list
Mariachi-ci-l For Mariachi experiment cyber infrastructure discussion
Mariachi-ed-l MARIACHI experiment research mailing list
Mariachi-l Cosmic ray experiment at BNL
Mariachi-mtg-l MARIACHI experiment weekly meetings
Mariachi-radar-l mariachi experiment radar mailing list
Mariachi-scint-l mariachi experiment scintillator array mailing list
Mce2021-l [no description available]
Monday_breakoutsessionleads-l [no description available]
Monday_speakers-l [no description available]
Muonedm-l Muon Electric Dipole Moment (Muon EDM) Collaboration and friends
NNN2015 Announcements regarding the Next Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detector Workshop 2015 at Stony Brook University
Non-con-ed-presenters-l [no description available]
Npp-aac-l NPP ALD Advisory Council
Nptheory-l [no description available]
NSLS-II-Controls-l NSLS-II Controls
Nsls-ii-controls-users-l [no description available]
Nsls-ii-task-force-l [no description available]
Nsls-minutes-l NSLS Weekly Users' Meeting minutes
Nsls-uec-l NSLS Users' Executive Committee
nsls-x6b-l NSLS X6B Beamline Announcements
Nsls2-accelerator-l NSLS-II Accelerator
nsls2-beamline-controls-l Discussion of NSLS-II beamline controls issues.
Nsls2-beamline-l NSLS-II Beamlines
Nsls2-beamline-staff-l NSLS-II Beamlines Staff
Nsls2-cfnum-l NSLS-II and CFN Users Meeting
nsls2-cluster-l [no description available]
nsls2-computer-users-l [no description available]
nsls2-computing-notifications-l Notifications for NSLS-II Computer Users
Nsls2-csx-users-l [no description available]
Nsls2-ios-users-l NSLS-II IOS (23-ID-2) Beamline Users
Nsls2-plc-l [no description available]
NSLS2-SMI-L Soft matter interfaces Beamline at NSLS-II
Nsls2-tech-talk-l [no description available]
Nsls2-test-l NSLS/NSLS-II testing mail distribution
nsls2_srptf-l [no description available]
Nuhep-l BNL Physics Deptartment Computer User e-mail list
Onsite-daycare-l Discussions on sustaining onsite daycare at BNL
OpenMP-Users-L [no description available]
Opera-3d-users-l [no description available]
Opera-users-l [no description available]
OperandoIV-conference-l [no description available]
Ordoadmin-l Administrators of Ordo clients
Other_attendees-l [no description available]
Oysters-l [no description available]
P896-l BNL Experiment P896 Private List
Paccd-l for interested in Precision Astronomy with fully depleted CCDs
Parent-Support Parents Support Group
Pd-characterization-lar-l [no description available]
Phenix-admin-l PHENIX Operations Adminstration
Phenix-ar-l [no description available]
Phenix-comp-l PHENIX Computing
Phenix-electron-l PHENIX upgrades for electrons -- incl low-mass dileptons
Phenix-faq-l PHENIX Frequently Asked Questions
Phenix-forward-l PHENIX forward upgrades (public list)
Phenix-highpt-l PHENIX upgrades to enhance high p_T capability
Phenix-jobs-l PHENIX Employment Opportunities
Phenix-junior-l PHENIX Junior Career Vulnerable Scientists
Phenix-news-l PHENIX News
Phenix-silicon-l PHENIX upgrades using silicon detectors
Phenix-vis-l PHENIX BNL visitors
Photonscience-computing-support-l Central Computing Support for Photon Sciences
Phys-ml-contacts-l Physics Dept AI/ML contacts
Phys-npps-distsw-l Distribution Computing SW
Phys-npps-esi-l [no description available]
Phys-npps-members-bnl-l NPPS BNLers
Phys-soft-comp-l NPPS S&C Community
Physics-seminars-l Physics Seminar Notification
pico-l picosecond timing
PingPong-L BNL BERA Table Tennis Club
Pioneer-bnl-l [no description available]
Pistol-l BERA Gun Club Pistol mailing list
Potas-l [no description available]
pp2pp-l pp2pp experiment discussions
Puppet-users-l BNL Puppet Community
Qcdinnuclei-l Informal discussion group for all aspects of QCD
Qol-bera-recreation-l [no description available]
Quantastro-l [no description available]
RACF-Frontier-l A mailing list for ATLAS Frontier and Squid deployment, test, and development discussion.
Racf-gce-l RACF GCE Mailing List
Racf-pandaop-l [no description available]
Racf-storagemgmt-bots-l Mailing list for automatic notification of the RACF Storage Management group
Racf-storagemgmt-l [no description available]
Radiation-detector-l Radiation Detector
radioHEP-l Cosmic Visions 21-cm group
Rbrc-rt-l Round Table Discussion List of RIKEN BNL Research Center Experimental Division
Rhic-outreach-l RHIC outreach contacts
Rhic-rcf-l RHIC Computing Facility
Rhic-software-l RHIC Software
Rhicagsuec-exofficio-l RHIC & AGS UEC Ex-Officio members
Rhicagsuec-fpp-l RHIC & AGS UEC Funding, Politics, & Programmatic Working Group
Rhicagsuec-l RHIC & AGS UEC members
Rhicagsuec-mco-l RHIC & AGS UEC Meetings,Communication, & Outreach Working Group
Rhicagsuec-qol-l RHIC & AGS UEC Quality of Life Working Group
Rhicagsuec-sas-l RHIC & AGS UEC Site Access & Science Working Group
Rhiccontacts-l RHIC Contacts
Rhicii-em-l Working group on electromagnetic probes.
rhicII-science-l Discussions for the upcoming series of workshops and subsequent working groups on RHIC II science
Riken-l [no description available]
Rivet-ep-l [no description available]
Sbnd-l [no description available]
Sbu_attendees-l [no description available]
Scheduler-dev-l Forum to discuss development work on the STAR Scheduler project
Sciserver-csi-l [no description available]
Sdcc-staff-l Scientific Data & Computing Center staff
Sdcc_users-l Scientific Data & Computing Center
Silicon-detectors-l Novel Silicon Detectors R&D Activities in Institutes around BNL area
Snews-alert This is the SNEWS Supernova Alert list
Snews-downtime SNEWS Downtime
Snews-wg [no description available]
Snews2.0-alert SNEWS2 Next Galactic Supernova Alert mailing list
Snews2.0-firedrill SNEWS2.0 "firedrill" alert list
Snnet The SNEWS general discussion mailing list
Soccer-l BNL BERA Soccer Club
sPH-CALO-2017-001-l Discussion of sPHENIX note sPH-CALO-2017-001
sPH-CALO-2017-002-l Discussion of sPHENIX note sPH-CALO-2017-002
sPH-cQCD-2017-001-l Discussion of sPHENIX note sPH-cQCD-2017-001
sPH-cQCD-2017-002-l Discussion of sPHENIX note sPH-cQCD-2017-002
sPH-GEN-2017-001-l Discussion of sPHENIX run plan note
sPH-HF-2017-001-l sPHENIX - analysis note for HF-jet simulation
sPH-HF-2017-002-l sPHENIX
sPH-JET-2017-001-l sPHENIX Collaboration
sPH-TRK-2017-001-l sPHENIX Collaboration
Sphenix-bulk-l sPHENIX bulk physics topical group
sPHENIX-calibration-l [no description available]
sPHENIX-cold-QCD-l sPHENIX cold QCD topical group
sPHENIX-EC-l sPHENIX Executive Council
sPHENIX-EIC-l sPHENIX discussion of EIC issues
sPHENIX-electronics-l sPHENIX discussion of electronics
sPHENIX-EMCal-l sPHENIX EMCal discussion
sPHENIX-forward-l sPHENIX discussion of forward physics and instrumentation
sPHENIX-HCal-l sPHENIX HCal discussion
sPHENIX-HF-jets-l sPHENIX heavy flavor jet topical group
sPHENIX-IB-l sPHENIX Institutional Board
sPHENIX-Infra-1 [no description available]
Sphenix-integration-l sPHENIX integration effort
Sphenix-intt-l [no description available]
Sphenix-irc01-l [no description available]
Sphenix-irc03-l [no description available]
sPHENIX-jet-structure-l sPHENIX jet structure topical group
sPHENIX-jobs-l job announcements of interest to sPHENIX collaborators
sPHENIX-juniors-l To communicate with the juniors of the sPHENIX collaboration.
sPHENIX-l sPHENIX is a new detector at RHIC.
sPHENIX-magnet-l sPHENIX discussion of the superconducting solenoid
sPHENIX-MAPS-l sPHENIX MAPS tracker discussion
Sphenix-mbd-l sPHENIX MBD
sPHENIX-notes-l Generic discussion sPHENIX experiment
sPHENIX-physics-l sPHENIX discussion of physics
sPHENIX-planning-l sPHENIX Planning
Sphenix-production-l [no description available]
Sphenix-rhic-l [no description available]
Sphenix-run-l Commissioning and running of sPHENIX
sPHENIX-sEPD-l sPHENIX Event Plane Detector discussion
sPHENIX-software-l sPHENIX discussion of software
Sphenix-test-l [no description available]
Sphenix-tpot-l Discussion of the sPHENIX TPC Outer Tracker
sPHENIX-tracking-l sPHENIX tracking discussion
sPHENIX-trigger-l sPHENIX discussion of trigger and DAQ issues
sPHENIX-upsilons-l sPHENIX Upsilon topical group
Sphenix-zdc-l Discussion of sPHENIX ZDC, SMD, and local polarimetry
Spin-discussion-l RHIC Spin Collaboration Discussion List
Sri2015-l 12th Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation
Star-antihe4-l [no description available]
Star-baryonjct-l [no description available]
Star-bes-paper-l STAR BES paper writing committee
Star-bnl-l list for the STAR local BNL group + local guests
Star-centrality-l STAR centrality focus group
Star-daq1000-l STAR's DAQ Upgrade (DAQ1000) Mailing List
Star-det-opr-l Certified STAR detector Operators List
Star-dilepton-l [no description available]
Star-dst-l STAR experiment discussions on data formats (DST)
Star-etof-l STAR endcap time-of-flight upgrade
Star-fcs-l STAR forward calorimeters upgrade
Star-fcv-l STAR Flow, Chirality and Vorticity PWG
Star-fms-l STAR mailing list to discuss FMS matters
Star-fwd-software-l FWD Software
Star-fwd-upgrade-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-299-l STAR GPC #299
Star-gpc-326-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-327-l STAR GPC 327
Star-gpc-328-l STAR GPC 328
Star-gpc-329-l STAR GPC 329
Star-gpc-330-l STAR GPC 330
Star-gpc-331-l STAR GPC #331
Star-gpc-332-l STAR GPC #332
Star-gpc-333-l STAR GPC #333
Star-gpc-334-l STAR GPC #334
Star-gpc-335-l STAR GPC #335
Star-gpc-336-l STAR GPC #336
Star-gpc-337-l STAR GPC #337
Star-gpc-338-l STAR GPC #338
Star-gpc-339-l STAR GPC #339
Star-gpc-340-l STAR GPC #340
Star-gpc-341-l STAR GPC #341
Star-gpc-342-l STAR GPC #342
Star-gpc-343-l STAR GPC #343
Star-gpc-344-l STAR GPC #344
Star-gpc-345-l STAR GPC #345
Star-gpc-346-l STAR GPC #346
Star-gpc-347-l STAR GPC #347
Star-gpc-350-l STAR GPC #350
Star-gpc-351-l STAR GPC #351
Star-gpc-352-l STAR GPC #352
Star-gpc-353-l STAR GPC #353
Star-gpc-354-l STAR GPC #354
Star-gpc-355-l STAR GPC #355
Star-gpc-372-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-373-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-374-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-375-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-376-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-377-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-378-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-379-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-380-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-381-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-382-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-383-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-384-l [no description available]
Star-gpc-385-l [no description available]
Star-howto-l [no description available]
Star-hp-l STAR HardProbes PWG
Star-jetfinding-l Mailing list on jet finding with STAR
Star-ml-forum-l STAR ML/AI techniques discussion
STAR-mtdtof-l [no description available]
Star-ops-l STAR experiment operations mailing list
Star-phys-l STAR experiment physics discussions
STAR-QAboard-l STAR QA Board
Star-rts-l Run Time System - support and discussions related to STAR's online systems
Star-scmgt-l This is for high-level STAR software and computing discussion among S&C leaders and experts.
Star-service-l STAR service work committee
Star-shiftcoordinator [no description available]
Star-softcoord-l [no description available]
Star-spin-l STAR cold QCD / spin physics working group
Star-stgc-l STAR sTGC upgrade
Star-talks-l [no description available]
Star-tcd-l STAR's TCD Users List
Star-tf-trkeff-l STAR task force for evaluating tracking efficiency uncertainty
Star-tf-tunepy-l STAR task force for tuning PYTHIA
Star-tpccalrev-l [no description available]
Star-tracking-l STAR Tacking Software Group
Star-triggerboard-l STAR trigger board mailing list
Starbnlg-l STAR BNL group issues and discussions
Starcalib-l [no description available]
Starcoun-l STAR Council Members
Stardaqimp-l [no description available]
Starembd-l STAR Embedding issues and discussions
stargmt-l STAR GMT assembly and start-up discussions
Stargrid-l STAR activities in the particle physics data grid
Starheavyiongroup-l [no description available]
Starhft-det-l STAR HFT subsystem detectors PXL,IST,SSD
Starhft-int-l STAR HFT integration issues and discussion
StarHFT-l Mailing list for the HFT
Starhft-soft-l STAR HFT software discussion
Starjuniors-l STAR Juniors
Starmail-l General STAR Exp.
Starpapers-l STAR Papers Discussion List
Starpp2pp-l Mailing list for pp2pp at STAR
Starprod-l discussion list for all aspects of STAR's offline data production
Starqa-l STAR discussions on Quality Assurance
Starsimu-l [no description available]
Starsoft-l STAR Software issues of broad interest
StarSSD-l Mailing list for the STAR SSD
Starstc-l Internal deliberations of STAR talks committee
StarTalks-l Internal deliberations of STAR talks committee
startrg-l STAR trigger email list
Summer-camp-l [no description available]
Surge-collaboration Communication for SURGE Collaboration
Swim-l BNL Swim Club
SysAdmin-l BNL System Administrators
Teambrewcrew [no description available]
Techqm-eloss-l [no description available]
Throughput-l [no description available]
Tuesday_moderatorandpanelists-l [no description available]
Tuesday_speakers-l [no description available]
Uboone-bnl-l [no description available]
Ultimate-l BNL BERA Ultimate Frisbee Club
Us-lsd-rd-l US Liquid Scintillator Detector R&D.
Usatlas-bnlcomp-l U.S. ATLAS computing at BNL
Usatlas-cernstaff-l [no description available]
Usatlas-compcontacts-l U.S. ATLAS Computing Contacts Mailing List
Usatlas-compnom-l U.S. ATLAS Computing Nominations Mailing List
Usatlas-computing-l U.S. ATLAS Computing Mailing List
Usatlas-computing-management-l U.S. ATLAS Computing Management Mailing List
Usatlas-csc-l US ATLAS Cathode Strip Chamber Group
Usatlas-ddm-l Atlas Distributed Data Management deployment and support
Usatlas-diskcleanup-notify-l [no description available]
Usatlas-faculty-l [no description available]
USATLAS-FederatedOps-l U.S. ATLAS Federated Operations Support Team Mailing List
Usatlas-grid-l U.S. ATLAS Computing Grid Discussions
Usatlas-heavyion-l For exchange of information for those interested in discussion of heavy ion physics with the ATLAS detector.
Usatlas-hllhc-computing-l US ATLAS HL-LHC computing discussion
Usatlas-hllhc-l1global-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade L1Global Mailing List
Usatlas-hllhc-l2deputymgmt-doe-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade Level 2 and Deputies-DOE only Management Mailing List
Usatlas-hllhc-l2deputymgmt-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade Level 2 and Deputies Management Mailing List
Usatlas-hllhc-l2deputymgmt-nsf-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade Level 2 and Deputies-NSF only Management Mailing List
Usatlas-hllhc-l2l3-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade Level 2 and Level 3 Managers Mailing List
Usatlas-hllhc-l2l3ics-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade Level 2 and Level 3 Managers and Institute Contacts
Usatlas-hllhc-l2mgmt-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade Level 2 Management Mailing List
Usatlas-hllhc-lartl2l3-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade LAr Level 2 and Level 3 Managers Mailing List
Usatlas-hllhc-management-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade Management Discussion
Usatlas-hllhc-POmgmt-l U.S. ATLAS Project Office
Usatlas-ib-l U.S. ATLAS Institutional Board
Usatlas-jig-l U.S. ATLAS Joint Integration Group (JIG)
Usatlas-l U.S. ATLAS general mailing list
Usatlas-l1-managers-l [no description available]
Usatlas-l2-managers-l [no description available]
Usatlas-mac-l U.S. ATLAS Management Advisory Committee
Usatlas-management-board-l U.S. ATLAS Management Board Mailing List
Usatlas-prodsys-l US ATLAS production & distributed analysis mailing list
Usatlas-qcd-l US ATLAS QCD Group
Usatlas-rac-l US ATLAS Resource Allocation Committee
Usatlas-safety-notify-l U.S. ATLAS Safety Notifications
Usatlas-sharedt3-l U.S. ATLAS Computing Mailing List
Usatlas-sm-l U.S. ATLAS sub-system Managers
Usatlas-studentwb-l U.S. ATLAS Institutional Board
Usatlas-support-l Provide a forum to discuss issues and problems when run applications on Open Science Grid
Usatlas-t2-l US ATLAS Tier 2 contacts
Usatlas-tdaq-phase2-construction-l US-ATLAS TDAQ Phase-II Construction Project planning
Usatlas-tier3support-l U.S. Atlas Tier 3 support list
Usatlas-u-l2-l U.S. ATLAS Upgrade Construction Level 2 Managers Mailing List
Usatlas-u-l2l3-l U.S. ATLAS Upgrade Construction Level 2 and Level 3 Managers Mailing List
Usatlas-u-l2l3mgmt-l U.S. ATLAS Upgrade Construction Level 2 and Level 3 Management Mailing List
Usatlas-u-l2mgmt-l U.S. ATLAS Upgrade Construction Level 2 Management Mailing List
Usatlas-u-pag-l U.S. ATLAS Phase I Upgrade - Project Advisory Group
Usatlas-u2-mno-l U.S. ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade M&O Mailing List
Usatlas-upgrade-ph1-lar Phase-I LAr upgrade principals
Usatlas-upgrade_rnd-l U.S. ATLAS Upgrade R&D Mailing List
Usatlas-users-l U.S. ATLAS Computing Facility users
Usatlas-wbs23-l US ATLAS WBS Area 2.3 Facilities
Usatlas-wbs23-mgt-l US ATLAS WBS Area 2.3 Managers
Users-center-employee-facility-users-l BNL employees who are users of a CAD facility
Users-center-pr-contacts-l Users' Center public relations contacts
Userscenter-cc [no description available]
Userscenter_rhic_news_distribution-l Distribution list for RHIC Newsletter
Userscenter_rhic_news_editorial-l Editorial Board for RHIC Newsletter
Userscentercontacts-l RHIC & AGS experimental admin/secretarial staff
USNDP-l [no description available]
Usqcd-scidac5-wp1-l [no description available]
Usqcd-scidac5-wp2-l [no description available]
Usqcd-scidac5-wp3-l [no description available]
Vb-l BERA Volleyball Club
Vendors-l NSLS-ll and CFN Users' Meeting Exhibitors
Virtual-programs-l [no description available]
Virtual-swim-l [no description available]
Vtcwg-l Video Teleconferencing Working Group
Wbls-analysis-l WBLS simulation and analysis group
WBLS-l Water-based Liquid Scintilator
Wbls-r-and-d-l Water Based Liquid Scintillator R and D list.
Windows-working-group-l Discussion of issues affecting Windows Operating systems
Winp-3nu [no description available]
Winp-astronu [no description available]
Winp-large [no description available]
Winp-nuint [no description available]
Winp-nuprop [no description available]
Winp-rd [no description available]
Winp-reactor [no description available]
Winp-sbn [no description available]
Winp-small WINP "small" (self-contained) experiments
Winp-source [no description available]
Winp-sterile [no description available]
Winp-theory [no description available]
Winp-upgrade [no description available]
Workflow-l [no description available]
Workshop_attendees-l [no description available]

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